The Jones Family

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preschool 2012

The Many Faces of Cameron getting ready for preschool!
August 9th 2012

Bored take the picture
 Yay im about to go to school
 Oh no Lydia tried to touch my new glow in the dark Mario shirt (thing he was excited the most about!)
 Im done with the camera mom just take the picture

My handsome little man!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newport Beach Fun! May 2012

ok so im a slacker at posting pictures this Summer! We've done some fun things too! We went to newport beach with us the Dunns, Darin and family, and Neal, Kim and Cindy! We went to Disneyland for 2 days and swam and played and rode on bikes till we had to leave! Such a fun trip!

 The kids played and played and played in the sand!!

 We celebrated Presleys birthday while we were there! She brought all the kids kites to fly!
 Fun in the Sun!

 The car ride up wondering when are we going to get there!

Can't wait till next year!!

June swimming fun!

We got a little pool for cameron to swim in this summer and him and Lydia love it!

 The neighbors like to come over and swim too! Helps keep everyone cool!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Lydia turns one!

Today my little girl turns one!! We love our sweet Lydia bug! We had a combined party for Lydia and Lindsay and it turned out so cute!! At one years little is so close to crawling! She rocks back and forth and trys to jump on her knees...she can't quite get her hands to move yet...but hopefully soon! I had a dr appt but they cancelled it till next week then i can do Lydias stats. She loves loves loves her daddy and big brother and they can't get her to laugh like crazy! Where ever Cameron is in a room she has to see him and is always looking for him! We are greatful for her and her journey so far and are glad she came into our lives a year ago today! Happy Birthday Lydia!
Party favor jars....Lydias said...time flies when your having fun, can you believe it im one!
Lindsays said, Today is my birthday, its oh so great, I am now a young 28! ( i know I should be a poet!!)
Lydia with her cute ceramic cupcake Grandma Sylvia and Papa Chuck gave her!
The cupcake icecream cones!
THe yummy lemon cupcakes mom and Britt made and the giant cupcake cake!
I don't want it, its yucky! Thats about right!
Cute birthday girls!
Look at the haul Ammy gave her! Shes so spoiled!!
Loves from Grandma Sylvia! Love the tutu dress Aunt Brittany gave her
Happy 1st Birthday Lyddie Bug!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fun Easter this year! Saturday Britts and Moms neighborhood had a brunch and Easter egg hunt then I mad sugar cookies and all the kids decorated them! Sunday we woke up Cameron had fun finding eggs...his favorite were the ones with money in them. He kept telling up he wanted to go buy a toy! Then we went to church then out to moms for more egg finding and a wonderful Easter dinner with lots of the family! Happy Easter!
The fun Easter basket cake I made!
So cute!
Camerons ready for the beach!!
It was a fun year!


Lydia thinking about crawlingLove her big hair!!
This is what happens when your 3 year old leaves a opened marker on the ground for his little sister to find!
Whoops!! It was washable so it came right off!

The many sleeping places of Lydia

Sleepingabout to fall out of her chair sleeping

Looking stylish while sleeping!
This little girl can fall asleep wherever and whenever!! She looks so cute while shes doing it though!